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Good news!  2020 intake is now open for all year level.   For 2019 2nd semester availability, please check time table   For those who are thinking of undertaking VCE or IB art studies in the future, it is best to start taking art classes when at year 8 or 9 to build up art skills and learn about study approach.  This way students are gauranteed placements when at year 11 and 12 levels.

So Why do you choose KOCAS to other places for art classes?

  • We are one of the top leading art schools in Melbourne, located in Ivanhoe for 22 years.
  • We nurture creative spirits and have produced high achievers in art studies for many schools in Melbourne.  For years, we have many VCE students won their schools' Acquitsiton Awards! And 99% of our students got university placements of their choice in the first round of offer.
  • We mentor art students at tertiary level with internship.
  • Our KOCAS art club let students continue with their art practices after leaving high school.
  • KOCAS is about Art Education NOT art play!

What is the benefit for your child joining our art classes?

  • We have a strong curriculum for your child to grow with from Grade 1 to Year 12 and beyond.
  • Our students have fun while learning about the Arts through hands on activities.
  • Our activities and projects start with the fundamentals and prgoress to very advanced levels.
  • We pass on knowledge in visual art and our activities are all skill and technique based.
  • Art forms and Media that we use for our projects are very diverse.
  • We help middle school students at high school levels prepare for VCE studies with best study approach.
  • We produce high achieving students at their own schools no matter what year levels they are at, particularly those who go through VCE studies with our VCE tuition programme.
  • When required, we can plan and hold specific weekend workshops appropriate to our VCE students needs.
  • We take students on either term based or private one on one sessions to help individuals achieve specific goals, such as gaining entry to competitive art colleges and universities.
  • Kitty O'Kane, founder of KOCAS is a practising artist of multi-discipline who exhibits regularly.  Her experience as an artist helps to ensure students learn about the Arts with a holistic approach.